Our Philosophy in Handling Criminal Cases

How We Handle Criminal Cases

At Fuicelli and Lee, PC our attorneys are highly trained and experienced trial attorneys. Many firms advertise "aggressive criminal defense." While an aggressive approach can be an effective one, it does not work in every case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows that every case is different and requires a unique approach depending on the facts and circumstances.

When a new client comes in, our experienced criminal defense attorneys sit down and gather as much information as possible from the client. This includes back ground information and the details of the alleged criminal activity. Then, we will determine if further investigation is necessary and develop an investigative strategy. At the same time, we will direct the client to various treatment avenues so as to mitigate the case in the event of a conviction. Also, we will file the appropriate pleading with the court and obtain police reports from the District Attorney.

Once we have all of the information, our attorneys will discuss the case with you and develop a strategy both long-term and short-term. This could be an aggressive strategy or a "wait-and-see" approach. Since our attorneys have credibility and familiarity with the prosecutors and judges, we can be aggressive or passive depending on the dictates of the specific needs of the client. No matter what the strategy, you can rest assured that your best interest is our first priority.