Computer Crime

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Computer Crime is charged to an individual any time a computer is used as the instrument for committing some other offense. It is usually a white collar crime, but can also involve the use of the internet. Our attorneys not only have experience, and success, prosecuting and defending computer crimes, but we are also some of the most technologically savvy attorneys in the Denver area. We understand the technology in addition to the legal aspects of the case.

Before talking to the police, you should meet with one of our experienced computer crime attorneys. We offer a free initial consultation, and will quickly help you decide what course of action to take. We have litigated these cases from both sides, so we have the experience and the technological confidence to help you through any computer crime charge.

Oftentimes, computer crime is but one of many crimes charged in an investigation. It may seem like it is duplicative of other charges, but unfortunately it is not. Our experienced attorneys can personally meet with you and discuss the different types of computer crimes that you may be charged with. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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