Domestic Violence Charge? We Have The Denver Criminal Attorney You Need At Your Side

Domestic violence is a serious charge to face. Going to court alone is never advised. When you need a Denver criminal attorney to represent you, the law firm of Fuicelli & Lee, PC, is here to assist. We bring the experience you need to the case to ensure you receive the best representation possible.

When you work with the experienced Denver criminal defense attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee, PC, we will stand up for your rights and work to ensure that your best interests are protected. To obtain the confident and thorough legal protection that you need against a charge of domestic violence or spousal abuse, please contact our offices today for a free one-on-one consultation with a respected Denver trial lawyer. Each Denver criminal lawyer in our firm has the expertise you need to successfully navigate the system and ensure that your rights are defended.

Experience Makes a Difference in Domestic Violence Cases

Most of our clients, who were arrested on charges of domestic violence, were confused about what steps to take and what their legal rights were. They believed that if they cooperated with the police and shared their side of the story, in an official statement, they would be released and then everything would return to normal. Many have since learned that the first thing they should have done was contact a Denver DUI attorney and criminal defense expert.

Prosecutors and judges try to "fast track" these types of cases by resolving them, or take them to trial, quickly. While a quick result may be good, you need criminal defense attorney Denver expert who understands the law and can quickly assess the case and effectively represent you. With our experience handling thousands of these types of cases, the attorneys at Fuicelli and Lee, P.C. are exactly the type of representation you need.

How Our Denver Criminal Lawyers Can Help You

One of the most disruptive aspects of a domestic violence assault charge is having to move out of your own home when a "protection order" (also known as an “order of protection” or “restraining order”) is issued. Part of our comprehensive defense strategy may be to fight the issuance of a protection order to maintain your ability to have access to your home, your possessions or your children. Each Denver DUI lawyer and criminal defense expert on our team can help you with this process.

Our goal is to keep our clients out of jail and minimize the familial and monetary consequences of a domestic violence arrest and charge. Domestic violence cases are more than just the charges filed against you. There are restraining orders, orders of protection and bond conditions. What may seem like a reasonable outcome may affect your future employment, and negatively impact your rights. You should speak with Denver criminal attorneys who knows how to handle these cases, and who can advise you as to all the possible consequences.

Our professional option in many cases is to fight to have the charges reduced or dismissed, or to seek a plea agreement with a deferred judgment and sentence. Typically, the police and prosecutors will have only one side of the story. Our Denver criminal defense attorneys can help to get your side heard, while at the same time protecting your interests both inside and outside of the courtroom.

To discuss your defense options with an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer, please contact our offices today and ask to schedule a free initial consultation. The Denver DUI lawyers and criminal defense experts at Fuicelli & Lee are here to serve you.