Mandatory Sentences

Under Colorado’s strict DUI laws, anyone convicted of an alcohol related traffic offense, whether DUI or DWAI, has the potential for mandatory incarceration, community service hours, fines, and court ordered alcohol treatment.

While many times the mandatory incarceration can be suspended, or waived, in many circumstances it cannot. For example, blood alcohol levels over a .200. and prior alcohol-related convictions force a judge to impose mandatory minimum jail sentences for DUI and even DWAI convictions. When this situation arises, our primary focus is to minimize the amount of incarceration a client must serve and to work for the least restrictive confinement possible. This can include in-home detention or a work release sentence. While none of these forms of incarceration is pleasant, it is certainly less disruptive than time spent in the county jail.

Our experienced attorneys are often able to secure favorable outcomes for clients facing mandatory sentences for DUI. If you think you are in one of these categories and face the possibility of a mandatory sentence, please contact one of our attorneys today. There are steps you can take immediately to lessen your sentence and your initial consultation with our firm is always free of charge.