Possession With Intent To Distribute

Illegal Drug Distribution Defense Attorney

Possession with the Intent to Distribute is charged when the District Attorney thinks there is evidence of distribution, or the sale, of illegal drugs. A simple possession case can quickly turn into a Possession with the Intent to Distribute. When police make an arrest, or search a premises, and find drug-related equipment, scales, accessories, containers or large quantities of drugs or cash, they can quickly conclude that there is illegal drug activity occurring. When significant quantities of drugs and drug-related items are discovered, authorities can attempt to prove the intent to distribute drugs. The challenge is, under Colorado law, this charge also ratchets up the level of the charge and can turn what was a lower level felony offense into a serious crime with a real potential for prison time.

It can be a difficult crime for the government to prove, but it all depends on the strength of their evidence. The case may be one of simple possession that is being overcharged because there was some evidence of distribution. In other cases, it could be a situation where the police intervened before the distribution occurred. Either way, a careful analysis of the facts and evidence is necessary to determine the next step.

Our attorneys, at the criminal defense law firm of Fuicelli & Lee, PC, have handled hundreds of drug related cases and know exactly what to do in these situations. First, we will personally meet with you and discuss the circumstances. Then, we will obtain all of the police reports and determine the strength of the prosecution's case. This includes an in depth look at the methods used by the police to obtain the evidence, including reviewing search warrants and arrest affidavits.

Finally we will work closely with you to help you decide if the case is worth going to trial. If not, then we will determine if the prosecution is making a good enough plea bargain offer to give up your trial right. If a plea bargain is your best option, our attorneys have the experience and credibility with the District Attorney to get you the best possible outcome. In the event a trial is your best option, our attorneys are very experienced trial lawyers and will develop a case that will provide you the best chance at an acquittal or a guilty verdict to a less serious charge.

If you have been charged with drug possession with intent to distribute, please call or email us today. The highly skilled defense attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee, PC are experts in handling criminal defense cases and are here to help. Contact us today for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation with a lawyer.