Assault and Battery

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer for Assault and Battery Charges

Assault is defined as a threatened or attempted physical attack by someone who appears to be able to cause bodily harm if not stopped. However, battery is an assault in which the assailant makes physical contact. If you have been charged with assault and or battery, you should seek legal representation quickly. Convictions on certain types of assault charges carry mandatory sentences. When the stakes are this high, nothing less than a strong and effective defense effort is acceptable.

Fuicelli & Lee, PC has extensive experience in cases involving serious felonies and mandatory sentences. We represent clients accused of all types of assault offenses, including:

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Discovering What the Police Ignored

Many police officers investigate a case just enough to get the evidence needed to charge a person. They may overlook evidence which could clear the suspect, such as a self-defense motive. Our attorneys will closely examine the events which led to the arrest, including witness statements and surveillance videos. To help us in this effort, we can hire a skilled private investigator that can develop evidence which supports your side of the story and undermines the prosecution's case.

Reviewing the Charge

There is a wide range of assault charges, depending on the circumstances of a case. The use of a weapon, the intent to commit bodily harm, and other factors can expose the accused to the possibility of mandatory prison time. Whenever possible, Fuicelli & Lee, PC will evaluate ways of reducing the severity of the charge to a level which avoids potential mandatory sentencing guidelines.

Both of our defense attorneys, Keith Fuicelli and John Lee, are former prosecutors who understand how the prosecution examines cases. We will work to obtain the best outcome possible — and to defend your rights and freedom.

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