Motor Vehicle Theft

Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer for Motor Vehicle Theft

You don't have to steal a car to be accused of aggravated motor vehicle theft. You can innocently borrow a friend's car, thinking that he or she has given you permission to use it, only to then be arrested. Even being in possession of car keys can lead to a criminal charge.

As with other criminal charges, there may be one or more potentially successful defense strategies for your case. Fuicelli & Lee, PC is an experienced criminal defense law firm who will work to identify those strategies to defend your rights and freedom.

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Successful Defense of Grand Theft Auto Charges

Fuicelli & Lee, PC will work to build a strong and effective defense effort in your case. We will carefully examine the circumstances of the alleged theft and compare those to the exact charge. There are six levels of felony motor vehicle theft, so we may be able to get the charge reduced through discussions with the prosecutor. We can then aggressively defend the resulting charge.

Obtain Legal Representation Quickly

In motor vehicle theft cases as with other criminal charges, you need to obtain capable legal representation as soon as possible. This can enable your lawyer to take steps to protect your rights and start building your defense. Fuicelli & Lee, PC has represented a large number of clients accused of grand theft auto, misdemeanor auto theft and other vehicle-related crimes. This includes over 150 trials. We will work to obtain the best outcome possible, whether that is a dismissal of the charge, a negotiated plea or victory at trial.

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