Internet Predator

Internet Predator Attorneys in Colorado

An Internet predator is defined as a person who uses the Internet to locate and lure his intended sexual prey, especially children. We have all seen the television shows where an older man contacts a much young girl via the internet. When the man actually has a personal meeting with the underage girl, it is revealed that an undercover operation has been staged. These types of stings occur all over Colorado, and all types of individuals can get prosecuted for this type of crime.

In 2006, the Colorado Attorney General and Colorado Governor Owens signed a new bill into law making it a felony offense if you are convicted of being an Internet predator. The District Attorney will do everything in their power to prosecute this type of offense. They will charge crimes like Enticement of a Child, Solicitation of a Child, Attempted Sexual Assault, possession of 20 or more child pornography items, or the new Internet Sexual Exploitation of a Child.

These are all very serious offenses that can carry felony charges, as well as a lifetime of registration as a sexual offender. You need an experience attorney, who knows how to handle a case such as this. Mr. Lee is one of the few attorneys in the state to see an Internet predator case all the way through, from investigation to trial. His experience will help you through your Internet Sexual exploitation case and get you the best result possible.

The attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee, PC, John Lee and Keith Fuicelli, are former prosecutors and have worked Internet predator cases, and even assisted in some of the largest sting operations in Colorado. Call Fuicelli & Lee at 303-355-7202 or send an e-mail now to receive a free consultation with an experienced attorney who can help you minimize all the consequences of an Internet predator charge. We are here to help you today.