Juvenile Delinquency

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At the law firm of Fuicelli & Lee, PC, we focus on obtaining outcomes which minimize negative consequences and, whenever possible, allow our clients to move forward without a criminal record. In juvenile delinquency cases, if they are not handled properly, a single foolish act by a teenager can have lifelong consequences.

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Experienced Juvenile Defense Attorneys

Fuicelli & Lee, PC has extensive experience in cases involving juvenile crimes. Both Keith Fuicelli and John Lee are former juvenile prosecutors. Since that time, Mr. Lee has taught classes in juvenile justice at the Colorado State Patrol Academy. Keith Fuicelli and John Lee now put their knowledge and skills to use in the defense of young clients accused of delinquent acts and crimes.

The Juvenile Justice System

In Colorado, minors aged 10 to 18 are technically charged with juvenile delinquency rather than a misdemeanor or felony crime. However, in some cases a juvenile can be charged as an adult. The good news is that in our state, the juvenile justice system focuses on rehabilitation rather than punishment. This means that the prosecutor and judge are pre-disposed to outcomes that identify and fix underlying behavioral problems rather than those that result in a conviction.

As juvenile delinquency defense attorneys, much of our time on these cases involves working with the prosecutor, social service agencies, and psychological counselors to identify the help that our clients need. In many cases, the minor can obtain a deferred adjudication or informal adjustment of the charge if he or she successfully completes the program. If the case does result in a conviction, many crimes committed by a minor can be expunged.

Protecting Your Child's Future

Often, our children are the most important element in our life. When they are in trouble, we want to help them and protect their future. A juvenile delinquency charge can be a major learning lesson for a child. It is our hope that it is an isolated case and will not affect their future. Whenever possible, our goal will be to keep your child's record clean and minimize the potential effect on the child's educational or career options.

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