Probation / Parole Revocations

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The possibility of being sent to jail or returning to prison is a nightmare for anyone on probation or parole. However, as with any other criminal law matter, there may be one or more potentially successful defense strategies available. Fuicelli & Lee, PC has extensive experience in cases involving probation and parole revocations. We believe that everyone accused of a probation or parole violation deserves a strong and effective defense. Call us at 303-355-7202 for a free consultation. We can put our experience to work for you.

Defending an Alleged Probation Violation

Generally speaking, there are two types of alleged probation violations: technical violation of the terms of probation or an arrest on a new charge. Each of these situations requires a different approach.

Technical violation — Fuicelli & Lee, PC has found that many clients simply have difficulty communicating with their probation officers. Our firm has had success in bridging the gap between our client and the officer. We may be able to clarify what the client needs to do to come back into compliance. In other situations which are referred to the prosecutor, we may be able to convince the DA not to seek revocation or obtain lesser penalties for our client.

Arrest on a new charge — the best strategy in this situation is usually to fight the charge as energetically as possible. If we win, probation can be reinstated. Fuicelli & Lee, PC will work to build a strong and effective defense for you.

Defending an Alleged Parole Violation

Fuicelli & Lee, PC can work with the parole officer to see if we can find a way to get our client back in compliance with the terms of parole. We can also represent you before the Parole Board, stressing the client's positives and minimizing the negatives of the alleged behavior. The Parole Board actually has a wide range of options and our attorneys will work to obtain the best outcome for you.

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