Careless / Reckless Driving

Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Representing Careless or Reckless
Driving Offenses

Many drivers in Colorado who are involved in a traffic accident are charged with Careless or Reckless Driving. Careless driving is a broad charge that can be proven by showing that the driver simply wasn't paying attention, or was careless based on the circumstances. However, not all of these charges are valid and a viable defense can be presented. However, fighting the case at trial is not always the best option, and on occasion a favorable plea bargain can be obtained.

Reckless Driving, however, is a much more serious charge. It is also a major traffic offense that can lead to a Habitual Traffic Offender designation. These types of cases are very serious and can have an impact on your future. The prosecution has to show that the driver was acting in a willful and wanton way, so a close examination of the facts of the case is necessary. Many times police officers will charge careless behavior as reckless behavior hoping the driver will get stiffer treatment from the prosecution. You should contact one of our experienced attorneys today for a free case evaluation. You should not go to court unrepresented.

The attorneys at Fuicelli & Lee, PC have handled many of these cases, including some high profile crashes in the Denver metro area. Being former prosecutors, and experienced defense attorneys, we know how to present your case to the police or the prosecutors to minimize the effects on you. Also, since our attorneys fight insurance companies by representing clients in civil cases, we can assist you with that element of your situation as well.