White Collar Crime

Experienced Denver Lawyers for White Collar Crime Defense

What is a White Collar Crime?

White-collar crimes are generally those of a financial nature or non-violent circumstance. Most white-collar crimes are a form of theft by deception or fraud. At Fuicelli & Lee, our accomplished criminal defense attorneys represent clients in the Denver metro area charged with a broad range of white-collar criminal offenses. Some of these white collar offenses include:

White-Collar Criminal Offenses include the following:
Check fraud
Credit card fraud
Identity theft
Tax Fraud
Insurance Fraud

If you are under investigation for any of these types of crimes, now is the time to contact an experienced attorney. The team at Fuicelli & Lee, PC, can get involved immediately to ensure that your rights are protected before you talk to the police or investigators. Your initial consultation is free and completely confidential.

We work hard to provide an efficient defense while reducing the disruption to our clients' personal and business lives. In many white-collar criminal prosecutions, there may be an option to provide restitution to the alleged victims as part of a plea agreement which avoids or minimizes penalties and possible jail time.

When defending our clients in these cases, we take special consideration of the impact that a charge or conviction may have in their personal and professional lives. Many of our clients have jobs or business licenses that they are afraid to lose. In addition, they have a strong desire to avoid incarceration. Call our Denver offices at 303-872-0941 or e-mail us now for a free and private case evaluation.

Legal Experience Matters in White-collar Crime Cases

At Fuicelli & Lee, PC, we will apply our extensive experience and detailed understanding of how prosecutors are likely to handle your case. This means that we give you an advantage when it comes to avoiding the most serious consequences of a white-collar criminal charge.

Our goal in fraud and embezzlement cases is to keep you out of jail and to obtain a positive resolution that allows you to continue to support yourself and your family. We also strive to minimize the negative consequences of a white-collar crime charge to your personal and professional reputation.

If you have questions or concerns about a white-collar crime, the experienced criminal defense team at Fuicelli & Lee, PC is here to help you. For a free and absolutely confidential consultation. Contact us today to receive a free consultation.